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Housing estate 36 point 6

Apartments for living.
Housing estate 36 point 6 is a modern complex of two buildings at Śliczna Street in Kraków, offering residents spacious apartments with sunny exposure and large glazing.

Why 36 point 6?
Because it is the optimal temperature, and therefore ideal conditions for the human organism – then we feel comfortable and convenient in our own body. And also the address of the new investment (36) and six advantages that we would like to present to you. Well-being also depends on the interior in which you stay every day!

6 elements.
Each of us needs to live pleasantly and comfortably: space, sun, tranquillity, great location and surroundings, and relationships with people, i.e. a neighbourly atmosphere. We took care of each of these elements, planning our and your housing estate. Believe us – nothing is accidental here. We are looking for residents who will love this place and like their neighbours, living here for many years, maybe even generations.