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Perfect location

Near the centre, but in a quiet part of the city, despite the vicinity of major thoroughfares. From here, everything is just nearby. Journey to Rondo Mogilskiego takes about 10 minutes, and the area around the Main Square can be reached in only 15-20 minutes. Tram and bus stops are located within a 5-minute walk of the new investment.

Urban infrastructure within your reach.
An ideal living space should be located in a place where residents will be close to work, shops and educational facilities for children.

  • 10 min

    5 min

    within 1 km radius

    Bus stop

    Lotników Park

    Tauron Arena


    Żabka shop


    Primary school

    High school


    Sports Club


  • 20 min

    15 min

    8 min

    within 2 km radius

    University of Physical Education in Krakow

    Science Garden

    Galeria Plaza shopping centre

    Cinema City Plaza

    M1 Kraków

    Office Centres

    Cracow University of Economics

    Vistula Embankment

  • 30 min

    20 min

    10 min

    within 3 km radius


    Serenada shopping centre

    Water Park

    Multikono cinema

    Galeria Krakowska shopping centre

    Office Centres

    Main Railway Station and MDA (Bus Station)

    Cracow University of Technology

    Botanic Garden